Board Management Software

Managing a board of directors is a very complicated task which requires a lot of responsibility and accountability. What compounds this problem is that there are many board of directors members and it could be difficult to stay organized. This is why you need software that will allow all members of the board to collaborate efficiently and effectively and make sure that they have access to the information that they need.

Board Software for Board Meeting Effectiveness

A board portal is a software created to make the working processes of board members more efficient and, in general, make their jobs a little easier as well. It will include collaborative tools that allow board members to share information such as agendas, notes, contacts, documents and any other information needed for a comfortable working environment. If all members have access to the information before the meeting, they can be better prepared which will improve effectiveness and lead to better decision making. Board software will be a good fit for all kinds of leadership teams, therefore it does not matter if your organization has a parent committee or one large board for the entire organization.

The board portal can serve as a central storage location. You can upload all of the materials necessary into the board portal and it will be available to all members who have access to this information. This is much better than uses a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox in order to store your documents because they are not secure and if a hacker or a rival company really wanted to get their hands on a certain piece of information, it would not be very difficult. However, if you store your documents in a board portal, you can be confident that it uses all kinds of safety features such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, remote shredding, and many other state-of-the-art features. 

Even if a board member would like to look at certain information outside the office they would be able to do without compromising security. It is really useful if someone is traveling and needs to access certain information or simply working from home. The bottom line is that the board portal makes it easy to work from anywhere in the world and in a lot of cases it could eliminate the need to physically travel to a meeting. Even if WiFi is not available, some features of the board portal will be available, all of the work performed offline will be cached and then synced when internet access is restored.

Board Software

Board portals can really simply a lot of complicated processes with organization and collaboration. There is no need to waste time searching for documents, waiting for someone to give you permission to view a document and many other time wasters. Because of all the benefits that board portal software offers, many companies have begun integrating it into their workflow and have attained higher efficiency, organization and collaboration levels in the process.

The Most Useful Features of Board Portals

As you have probably imagined, there are a lot of features that board portals will have to make processes run smoother. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Allows Q&As – promoting and facilitating discussion among group members is is very important, which is why the Q&A feature is an absolute must. Instead of using unsecured communication methods such as e-mail or text messages, all members can ask each other questions inside the board portal. This ensures that all communication stays secure.
  • Reports – the board portal must keep track of all user activity inside the board portal and provide you with a report that contains the full audit trail. These reports should be very detailed and include things which user(s) accessed certain documents and for how long, what they searched for and any other action(s) performed inside the board portal.
  • User management – There will be situations where not every member of the board needs to have access to certain information. This is why it is important that the board portal allows you to assign granular permission levels users. For example, let’s say that you would like for everybody to have access to an Excel spreadsheet, but you want only certain people to view the formulas that were used during the calculation. This is only possible with granular permission levels.
  • Security – We already mentioned that board portals are more secure than other cloud services, but there are certain security features the board portal must-have. These include access control and expiration, time and IP access restriction, and mobile device management. As far as document security, make sure that the board portal includes watermarks on all documents which contain information such as the user’s name and IP address. In case of any document leak, you will be able to trace it back to the person who leaked the information. More advanced board portals will even offer protection against camera-based attacks with “Fence View” which serves as a physical barrier between the user and the document.
  • Easy to use – We all like software that is easy to use, especially if we have never used anything like it. Therefore you should look for board portals that do not require plugins, this will allow you to view the documents in their native formats. Also, make sure that it offers apps for both Android and iOS. Moreover, the mobile interface of these apps should be streamlined and it should be optimized for mobile devices.