User satisfaction 3.7 of 5.0

Caplinked is one of the younger providers. It was established in 2010 to improve, simplify, and accelerate business transactions leveraging cloud technology’s power. Caplinked has headquarters in California and three more offices around the world. This virtual data room is versatile and suitable for different needs, such as mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, IPOs, investor relationships management, and other document-heavy business processes. This provider is among the best ones in the virtual data room market thanks to its software’s agility and simplicity. Caplinked was endorsed by many well-known media, including The Wall Street Journal.

Caplinked review

This virtual data room is effortless to use. Caplinked offers a straightforward interface and a quick and simple onboarding process. It takes organizations approximately 10 minutes to set up this VDR and make it suitable for further work. Most clients have no issues using this data room, even those unfamiliar with such software. But despite the simplicity, the interface is packed with useful features. Caplinked allows working with PDF and Microsoft Office files, images, and even videos without the need to install any plugins. Version control eases the collaboration on documents eliminating the possibility that someone will get confused.

Talking about the collaboration, we should note that Caplinked offers features that can improve communication. First of all, users will get notified about any changes made to the files, deadlines, and other aspects of a project. This provider offers a Q&A section, and users get notified about new questions and answers, too. Moreover, participants can message each other within the data room, and the activity feed helps them remain updated and involved in all processes. Just like any advanced provider, Caplinked offers granular permissions and the possibility to revoke access for individual users at any moment. Finally, administrators can see the activity of all members.

Caplinked has some disadvantages, too. It doesn’t offer two-factor authentication, remote wipe, and remote shred, and a fence view features — and these functions are rather vital for increasing the security of corporate files. It’s especially peculiar that this provider has no two-factor authentication necessary to prevent the possibility of a human mistake. So we can hope it adds this feature in the nearest future. Additionally, some users report having issues with permissions — it was hard for them to figure out how to use this function. And customers say that the Q&A section is not very intuitive since it’s hard to find answered questions.

However, in general, Caplinked is a decent virtual data room. It provides businesses with features that can simplify the everyday workflow and collaboration with third-parties. Caplinked offers a 14-day free trial, and we encourage you to use it. Then you can understand whether this software fits your needs.