User satisfaction 4.1 of 5.0

This provider operates since 2003, having security as its primary focus. Sharevault follows a straightforward yet noble mission to change how businesses approach to protecting their sensitive documents. The vendor stresses that its software safeguards corporate data not only from hackers and thieves but from those with whom organizations knowingly share files. And that’s a very smart approach since data leaks happen due to a human mistake in most cases. While aiming at the impeccable security, Sharevault also offers a versatile and simple virtual data room that most companies will find rather suitable for their needs.

Sharevault review

The strongest side of Sharevault is the level of protection it offers. The provider is compliant with all privacy regulations, has all the security certificates, and uses the strongest encryption for data at rest and during transfer. Additionally, it offers customer-managed keys and two-factor authentication that are called to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to the data room. Sharevault protects user data from malware and ransomware, too. Finally, it offers numerous security features such as remote shred, secure printing, expiration date for documents, and control over copypasting, printing, and screenshotting. Administrators can control user activity with granular permissions, IP tracking, and audit trails.

The features of Sharevault are not limited to security ones. This virtual data room also offers simple file management improved with full-text search and smart filters, hierarchical tags, infinite scrolling, and auto-numbering. Additionally, users can mark files and tags as favorites for quick access. Organizations get to customize their Sharevault’s data rooms with corporate branding and change URL to more recognizable ones. The standard Q&A section allows parties to communicate by asking questions and receiving answers. The interface of this section is simple enough to create zero hassle.

Some users note that it was somewhat confusing for them to get started with Sharevault, and they needed some guidance. Others point out that the design of the interface is slightly outdated. These are rather minor issues, but there are other disadvantages we’ve noticed. While Sharevault does offer impeccable protection, this provider forgets that a virtual data room exists not only for protecting corporate information but also for improving communication. This vendor lacks collaboration features such as notifications and direct messages. These features could improve the software significantly.

Although from all other sides, Sharevault is a very good virtual data room that will keep corporate documents genuinely safe. If you doubt whether this provider will fit your needs or not, you should use the free trial it offers. You’ll then see the software from within and understand if it provides everything you want to have in a data room.