User satisfaction 4.0 of 5.0

Merrill DatasiteOne is one of the biggest names in the industry, preferring to work with Fortune 500 companies and the data room itself is best suited for very complicated, intrinsic and cumbersome deals. Since it offers solutions for such large deals it is more expensive than a lot of other data rooms available on the market today. Therefore, if your project is simple then it would not make sense to overpay just because of the brand. Also, the data room itself is best used in combination with some other services Merrill offers such as content management services this is another added cost that you should consider.

Merrill DatasiteOne Review

Merrill DatasiteOne has been around for quite a while and offers a lot of powerful tools and analytics capabilities. This is what allows it to solve some of the challenges presented by complicated projects. Having said this, they do not offer a free trial, so it is hard to judge the effectiveness of these tools. More so, since the prices of the Merrill data room are above the industry average, it is hard to make such a big monetary commitment without having the chance to input your own data and trying it out for yourself. From this point of view, the Merrill DatasiteOne is a big gamble.

The customer service is fairly good for the price that they are charging. There is round the clock phone and email support and you can get help in a wide variety of languages. Interestingly enough, there is no online help center available, which means that you will have to call or email support every time you have a question. Also, there is no live training available and if we consider the complicated tools that are offered, it is not easy to get up and running. It would be very helpful to have someone walk you through all of the functions and capabilities.

Merrill DatasiteOne

In terms of accessibility, they are no plugins required, just like with most data rooms out there, but, interestingly enough, they have a mobile app only on iOS, so if you have an Android device, you are out of luck. Still, the mobile interface is pretty straight forward, but it is not convenient to use all of the tools. It seems like they were more designed with the desktop in mind. A lot of business processes are conducted on the go these days and consumers require the data room to be accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices. 

All in all, Merrill DatasiteOne will be a good fit for you if you are involved in some sort of very intricate deal and you have the budget to pay the high fees for the services offered. If your deal requires secure communication and document storage, access on the go and other services that come standard with data rooms on the market these days, it would not make sense to overpay just for the brand. Therefore, take some time to determine the needs and requirements of your specific project and determine if Merrill is right for you.